Bannonbrig George Gently - Harry

Photo Credit : ISCGB

Harry is proudly bred by us and co-owned with Paula Brooker and Kim Kaye

Born September 26th 2012

Sanjika Jalawe x Bannonbrig Juliet Bravo

Kim and Harry are proving to be a dynamic duo in the field with success already at their first few Gundog Working Tests. Photo Credit : Chrissie Pudney

Some recent successes

25/07/2015 Leeds Championship Show

Breed Specialist  Mick Brind

Post Graduate Dog 1st
  o/w Well balanced, square out line, appealing masculine head . Good eye colour. Pronounced occiput. Straight front, strong oval bone, strong neck leading into well laid shoulders. Deep chest. Thick skin, harsh coat. Well muscled throughout, nicely rounded croup. Moved around the ring with strong driving action.
11/07/2015 East of England Breed Specialist Chris Bennett Post Graduate Dog 1st
04/07/2015 Windsor Doreen Smillie Post Graduate Dog 1st
23/06/2015 Cheshire County Show Jean Byrne   Best of Breed
23/06/2015 Cheshire County Show Jean Byrne Post Graduate 1st
  A well made dog who presented a pleasing & correct outline when stacked. Best of heads with kind expression & correct divergence. Strong well muscled shoulders, straight front, deep in forechest & strong hindquarters. Shown in good coat & moved soundly. Showed & handled well, stood out for BOB today.
29/05/2015 Southern Counties Giuliano Biasiolo Post Graduate Dog 1st
  2 years, correct teeth, head in type with correct upper lines & proportions, good neck with correct shoulder, good body with correct topline & croup, good chest & croup, forequarters & hindquarters correct, good coat & tail, good movement.
24/05/2015 Shropshire Gundog Ray McDonald (Roanjora)   Best of Breed
24/05/2015 Shropshire Gundog Ray McDonald Post Graduate 1st
  A young man I last judged as a puppy, he was the only one then and here he is at 2 yrs, again the only one here. Support your classes before you lose them! That said, he is maturing into a very nice young man. A solid Spinone with a lovely head and expression. Well muscled neck to super shoulders. Good depth of chest and nice fore chest. Lovely rear of correct angles and well muscled. Correct topline both standing and moving. Lovely to watch him move, free, effortless, ground covering stride.
15/05/2015 SKC Keith Young Post Graduate Dog 2nd
  nice type. Well balanced & presented in good coat & condition. Masculine head with a kind eye & soft expression. Good front & bone. Strong neck into a correct topline. Good quarters. Moved soundly.
3/4/2015 Accrington & DCC (AVNSC)

Breed Specialist Claire Sharp

  Best AVNSC Gundog
  G3 Judge: Claire Sharp
3/4/2015 Accrington & DCC (AVNSC)

Breed Specialist Claire Sharp

AVNSC Gundog Post Graduate 1st
  This is a really impressive example of the breed. He has an excellent head with correct divergence. Short neck, sufficient front angulation and plenty of upperarm. Correct topline and underline and strong, muscular rear. Thick skin, excellent coat and super bone and feet. Moved well.
01/02/2015 Merseyside Gundog Club Phil Lawton Post Graduate 1st
  darker o/r with masculine head, good head planes & a pronounced occiput. Pleasing eyes. Square with good topline which he held on the move. Strong neck& a harsh coat. Stood alone but deserved his position.
24/01/2015 Lichfield CS (AVNSC) Sandra Sturrock AVNSC Gundog Post Graduate 1st
Harry - August 2015
Our Championship Class Winner of 2015 with his co-owner and handler Kim Kaye

Wins in 2014


06/12/14 Coventry Gundog Robyn Griffin (Sanjika)   Res Best of Breed
06/12/14 Coventry Gundog Robyn Griffin (Sanjika) Post Graduate 1st
23/11/2014 HPR Gundog Association Rachel Herbert (Dallandor) Post Graduate Dog 1st
01/11/2014 Gundog Club of North Wales Sharon Littlechild (Ravensett)   Best of Breed
  Shortlisted to the last 10 in BIS.
01/11/2014 Gundog Club of North Wales Sharon Littlechild (Ravensett) Graduate 1st
23/10/2014 Midland Counties Philippa Cotterell (Valcor)   Best of Breed
23/10/2014 Midland Counties Philippa Cotterell (Valcor)   Best Dog
23/10/2014 Midland Counties Philippa Cotterell (Valcor) Post Graduate Dog 1st
  w/o correct head, topline & coat, balanced on the move, well muscled & fit for purpose.
19/09/2014 Driffield Agricultural Show

Breed Specialist  Jane Maxwell

  Res Dog CC
19/09/2014 Driffield Agricultural Show Jane Maxwell Yearling Dog 1st
  darker orange roan with masculine head, good for head planes, pronounced occipuet, tight eye rims framing pleasing eyes. Square, rustic and robust with definite rise and fall topline, which he held on the move. Strong neck, leathery skin and super, flat harsh coat. Balanced in angulation he strode out and moved at a pounding trot and even managed some tick tock tail. Impressed enough for RCC.
17/08/2014 Welsh Kennel Club Julia Iles-Hebbert Post Graduate Dog 1st
  Well constructed, happy youngster. Typical headpiece displaying divergent planes, lean cheeks, good depth to muzzle. Kind, expressive eyes, ears well set. Strongly muscled neck let into well laid shoulder. Good bone and legs. Well ribbed body , strong loin and quarters, he went well.
11/08/2014 Bournemouth Sally Griffin (Sanjika) Post Graduate Dog 1st
  White and orange boy who is maturing nicely, coming into his own, with a typical spinone outline which when moving he showed to his best, maintaining flowing lines and a ground covering trot, showing the capability to hunt all day. Good masculine head, with the correct divergence and skull shape. Large spongy nose, good ears, into nice shoulder placement and front angulation. Good depth of chest with heart room, strong loin and croup with a good tail set. Large bone, good coat and presented very well. Pushed hard for the res CC but preferred the overall outline of the junior dog.
09/08/2014 Bolton CS Eric Parr Post Graduate 1st
  top quality 2 years old male but did not settle on the day, which was a shame, of excellent breed type, strongly built front to back, very well boned of correct shape, balanced masculine head but soft expression, well muscled through neck & shoulders chest deep with good spring of rib, correct slope over back into broad well made hindquarters, hocks well let down, well coated throughout of correct texture, movement was difficult to access on the day thus making a very competent handler earn her rosette, I hope he settles in the future, a young dog with a great deal to offer.
25/07/2014 Leeds Championship Show Lucy Kirkham (Alfigio) Yearling Dog 1st
  20 month old W/O male, Very square and balanced young dog in harsh condition, balanced head with kind expression, beautiful long eyelashes. Strong neck leading into well laid shoulders, pronounced sternum, good depth to body and spring of rib, plenty of bone. Correct course coat and skin. Well muscled which showed in his powerful movement. Very Workman like, and could easily do a days work in the field.
18/06/2014 Cheshire County Show Donald Bennett (Jesham) Post Graduate 2nd
08/06/2014 Three Counties Aidine Howes Post Graduate Dog 2nd
  another D with good body proportions with lovely head clean neck brisket level with elbow strong quarters giving relaxed movement with positive gait
24/05/2014 Bath Colin Mackay Post Graduate Dog 2nd
  another nice dog to go over. Kind in eye, true fronted shoulder with ample lay. Depth in brisket with heart room. Strength over loin & backend. Moves on an easy length, not as tidy going away as 1.
18/5/2014 Scottish Kennel Club John Thirlwell (Ferndel) Post Graduate Dog 2nd
  Another pleasing type & construction with pleasing head & eye. Balanced body.
10/05/2014 Birmingham National Michele Ivaldi (Ludstar) Post Graduate Dog 2nd
  excellent body coat & colour, correct angulations, moves well.
09/03/2014 Crufts Zena Thorn-Andrews Special Junior Dog 1st
  Lovely youngster, good type, size, quality of bone & substance, had all dew claws too! Moved easily, topline promising but obviously he can still harden up further in movement
02/03/2014 Coventry & District Gundog Society Steve Bowcott (Dalvenza) Junior 1st
  A 17 month old W/O boy who for is age is very well developed. This boy stood square in profile. He has a good head and earset with short strong neck into well laid shoulders. Good forechest and well sprung ribs with minimal tuck up. Excellent coat. Feet of good size and well padded. Excellent topline which he kept on the move. His movement was good today but I felt he would have benefited from a larger ring where he could show us the true movement and drive this boy has. I can see this boy has good future ahead of him.


Along with his sister 'Pretty Kitty' one of the top winning pups of 2013


GBAS Championship Show Junior Winner

"Top class young dog, just right for his age, pleasing head & expression, well constructed front, body & quarters, moved well, I am sure he has a great future"

Judge - Moray Armstrong


SKC Championship Show Best Puppy Dog Winner

"good head shape with well set ears, kind dark expressive eye, short strong neck leading to well made front assembly. Body of depth with correct topline, well formed muscular rear, good bone throughout, skin and coat pleased, moved and shown well"

Judge - Keith Groom


WKC Championship Show Best Puppy Dog Winner

"balanced outline, good head planes, excellent nose, eye & teeth, strong neck set into well made forequarters, well made through the ribs with spring, depth & length, strong loin, good topline & tailset, well made rear end, good bone & feet, coat of correct texture, moving out well"

Judge - Carole Coode


Alfreton Show Best Puppy, Best of Breed and Gundog Puppy Group Winner

"What a lovely young man. Super shape, lovely head with correct eye and ears. Super front assembly with a lovely depth of chest, good spring of rib, correct topline & good rear angles. Such a lovely mover for one so young. True coming and going and excels in profile with lovely reach and drive and maintaining the correct outline. A pleasure to award BOB, BP and later Puppy Group 1"

Judge - Ray McDonald



Scottish Kennel Club Championship - May 2013
1st Puppy Dog & Best Puppy in Breed - Judge:  Frank Kane (Hirontower)
WELKS Championship Show - April 2013


 1st Minor Puppy Dog - Judge:  Ann Moss (Ewtor)




Baby Harry at the Beach
Photo Credit: Paula Brooker
Kim with, from left, Harry, Kitty and their mum Julie
Baby Harry

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