Immediately following the attacks of 9/11, nearly 100 trained search dogs and their handlers—enlisted from 18 U.S. states—were deployed by FEMA to join the rescue efforts at the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Alongside firemen and other teams sorting through the debris, the dogs worked tirelessly around the clock to locate survivors in the rubble—images of which deeply intrigued Dutch photographer Charlotte Dumas as the events unfolded in the news media.

It's always handy to know about useful store cupboard items for the dogs, so I thought I'd share one of mine with you.  


Dettol Antiseptic Wash is just brilliant and even better it is inexpensive but I can tell you it is miraculous in its healing properties.  


I like the fact that it has a 'no-touch' application which is particularly useful for very tender wounds and for hairy dogs where bathing an affected area with a swab may prove more diffcult.  


I have used it to treat deep gashes; it cleans them effectively and also helps with quick healing; you can spray it straight into open wounds to clean them up and treat them repeatedly.

Windsor is one of my favourite dog shows with the venue at Home Park sitting beneath the gaze of Windsor Castle.


It is surely one of the finest places in the country to hold a show and with the Union Jack flying at full mast above the Castle one can only think the Queen was looking down on the proceedings at some point.  The weather was glorious, fine and sunny but with enough breeze not to be too overpowering for the dogs.


We picked up some fabulous awards in the breed classes and I finished the day with the proud job of handing Bannonbrig Al Fresco in the Group for Julie Carruthers who still isn't back to running form just yet. It was an absolute pleasure and we were all thrilled to see Basil make the shortlist of ten dogs  for the final four top honours in the Gundog Group being judged by Carole Coode  of the famous Warringah Labradors.


The journey home was not quite so enjoyable with major disruption due to the closure of the M40 so after a quick stop off to grab some pizza it was back to the snail trail of traffic and eventually home after 1am the next morning.  Good job we were in good spirit it's after such a super day out!

Bannonbrig Al Fresco owned by Julie Carruthers - Best of Breed Winner and handled by Nicola to be shortlisted to the final 10 exhibits in this stunning Gundog Group. Basil's 'bits' are at 18.00 and between 41.00 and 45.00 on the video timer
The best thing about the good weather is being able to make more of the time outdoors with the dogs and in the garden; the worst is suffering the wrath of pollen allergies.

I can't recommend this product highly enough. It soothes and cools irritated eyes. I always have a couple of bottles on the go this time of year and one in the fridge. Ellie our 15 year dachshund also has her own eyebright routine. When she's sat on the bed with me in the morning whilst I apply my make-up she sits patiently waiting for her eyebright soaked cotton wool pads to be applied before I wipe her eyes over and apply her eye drops to help her aging eyes. Totally non-irritant she has become a bit of an Eyebright addict like me!

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