Health in the Spinone

Health and good husbandry have been at the foundation of everything we do since we first started owning and subsequently breeding pedigree dogs over three decades ago.....

.... after all the best show and working dogs have to be in the peak of physical fitness and like athletes this can only come from the building blocks of good health and nutrition  

Importantly we aim to produce puppies that will be long-lived, healthy companions for ourselves and others

Part of this is supported by the health testing that we carry out and on this page we aim to provide you with links to information from the experts that will equip you with some of the knowledge that you should have before making decisions about choice of breeder for your Spinone puppy

Currently we conduct  DNA testing of our dogs to ensure they are free from the neurological condition Cerebellar Ataxia (CA) and to date our lines have proved to be consistently clear

Further information about CA can be found here

DNA Results for Spinoni tested through the Animal Health Trust Scheme 
can be found here

We also participate in 'Hip Scoring' where our dogs are x-rayed by the vet and then the plates are submitted for assessment and certification through the Kennel Club/British Veterinary Association Scheme

Further information on the BVA/KC Hip Dysplasia Scheme can be found here

Health Testing is just one aspect of the investment that we make in order to enable our dogs be the very best that they can be.  Over the years we have attended many seminars on Canine Physiology, Health and Nutrition to widen our knowledge of these fields and we share the benefit of this knowledge with our puppy owners most particularly in the formative months of their lives

Optimum nutrition is paramount and a fine balance of nutrients in their feeding regime must be achieved to adequately support their development without under or over doing, amongst other considerations, the fat and protein levels within their diet
The slow developing frame of this heavy boned breed needs to be carefully nurtured with quality food from the correct source alongside an appropriate regime of exercise and socialisation

All of our new puppy owners are supplied with a comprehensive diet and care pack along with the knowledge that we are always on hand to advise.
Diet and measured Exercise in the initial months 
of a Spinone's life set the foundations 
for the rest of their lives

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