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For useful information on buying a Spinone puppy and how to avoid non-reputable breeders visit The Italian Spinone Club of Great Britain Spinone puppies guidance website at


Please be mindful of so called 'breeders' charging excessive prices in the £thousands for Spinone puppies.  At the time of writing (November 2020) the average price for a well bred, suitably raised puppy from parents with all of the relevant certified health testing is in the range of £1200 to £1500.  This is usually from breeders with many years experience of the breed who will offer you all the support you would expect from a reuptable breeder.

This situation has grown out of all proportion during lockdown and all manner of excuses are being given to try and justify these excessive prices - there is no excuse and excessive pricing is not the norm in reputable breeders.

Our beloved breed and potential spinone puppy buyers are being exploited. Please do not support this exploitation.

I am happy to advise you on any aspect of puppy buying or spinone ownership and there is also further information available at the breed club Spinone Puppies sister website

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07.01 | 21:35

What show lead would you recommend for my 8 month old orange and white Spinone girl please?

10.10 | 01:18

Please let me know if you will be having any litters soon. We bought a “Daisy” from you (At 8 months old ) and she lived to a good old age .

06.10 | 19:23

Hi we are looking for an Otalian Spinone pupoy. Do you know of any?

05.10 | 23:26

I would love an italian spinone. Any age preferably not puppy any colour,we live in norfolk,semi retired and someone is always home. Please contact if one beco

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