Breeders of Excellence since 1982

"Quality is not an act, it is a habit"....Aristotle

Since 1982 we have worked tirelessly and with great commitment to become one of the longest established and most consistently successful Spinone 'kennels' in the UK from what is essentially our family hobby

We have been involved with the breed since 1982 and are responsible for a long line of winners and most proudly dogs that have been involved in a variety of pursuits from Pets as Therapy dogs to being the most faithful of family companions

We have always been an extremely small operation building our success through only a few dogs kept as family pets at any one time and the endeavours of those who have waited for quality puppies from us

Throughout the years, we have remained committed to the same objective: a happy, healthy Spinone who typifies the breed standard, with good conformation and beautiful head & expression, who has the temperament to make a loyal and loving family pet and the natural working ability to complete the job in the field for which he is built

Dogs are our hobby and not a business ~ we are not a commercial kennel and so visitors are welcome to our home by prior arrangement only


When we do not have Spinone pups ourselves we endeavour to help people locate a suitable puppy elsewhere; however, if you prefer to wait for a puppy from our own breeding lines, as we do not have litters constantly available, we would be happy to keep your details on our waiting list 

Click here for details of our latest puppy plans


Puppy dog 'Walt' Holmes with his new best friend

Our Ethos

Our occasional litters are carefully planned and puppies will only be placed in approved homes

Placement of our puppies is subject to a number of conditions that have been put in place to protect their future health and welfare and their Kennel Club registration papers will be endorsed accordingly.
For genuine dog lovers this has never proved to be a problem; in fact new owners are usually more comfortable in the knowledge that they have our support for the lifetime of the latest addition to their family

Our litters are reared in our home and receive round the clock attention from the day they are born; consequently they are well socialised and have begun their housetraining in advance of leaving for their new homes. 

Visitors to see our puppies will always see Mum too and where possible we can provide you with the opportunity to meet the father of the litter.

Dottie preparing to leave for her new home with Kerrie

Our Rolls-Royce Standards

Our puppies are health-checked by our own vet before they leave for their new homes and have been regularly wormed.  They are Kennel Club registered and insured with a reputable company for the transition period into their new homes

We provide all new owners with a comprehensive information pack covering diet, general care and grooming guidance....and of course, more importantly, we are on hand for the lifetime of our puppies to provide help and advice and to our credit, over the years, owners have returned to us to add another Bannonbrig Spinone to their canine family

We are committed to breeding sound, healthy puppies that conform to the breed standard and we continually strive for excellence in each generation
All grown up and handsome - the Norman Family's Enzo

Our Expectations

We always have a number of families already on our waiting list before we even plan a litter however once the litter is born we may still have one or two puppies available for placement in approved homes

We only place our puppies in what we believe to be the best possible homes, once prospective owners have been 'vetted' and are considered as suitable owners under our criteria, so please expect to be interviewed prior to being offered a place on our waiting list

Please note that for the foreseeable future all of our Spinone puppies will now be undocked

All grown up and very pretty - the Crowden Family's Robyn (Photo by Flynn)

Is the Spinone a suitable dog for you?

"Lo Spinone...Un cane per me, per voi, non per tutti"

"The Spinone...A dog for me, for you, not for everyone"

Francesco Saverio Gianotti

They are great characters, fun to live with and beautiful to look at (particularly the babies!); however, you need to consider the realities and practicalities of owning a big, strong dog that sheds hair and slobbers, before you take the plunge and buy a Spinone!

These are just about the only two negatives that come with owning a Spinone (or several!!!!...they can be addictive!!!) and there are obviously lots of positives; however, the negative points are vital considerations to your decision. If you conclude that the slobber, dog hair on your lap (once they've stopped sitting on it) and big
muddy paws in winter aren't a problem then you could not wish for a more adoring, adorable addition to your family

They are extremely intelligent, gentle-natured creatures who love and thrive on interaction with their fellow human and canine companions. They can be sensitive in their approach to life's experiences and as such require a sound socialization program as puppies (moreso than some more robust breeds)...i.e. take them on the school run, down to the pub, out shopping, dog training classes...basically get
them out and about as soon as possible mixing with as many people, other dogs, sights & sounds as you can find!

The Fisher Family's Alfie with his new best friend

Best of friends Lily and Alfie

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