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Thanks for visiting my page. Please sign our guestbook and leave a message. Don't forget to add a photo if you have one particularly if you share your life with a member of the Bannonbrig Family! The Spinone gracing the top of this page is a beautiful portrait of Bannonbrig Lancia otherwise known as Jaffy, born in 1998 and drawn in pastel by his talented mum Jane Gill

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Written by diane kucyj on 20. Feb, 2009
This is Lexy one of the lovely Jaffa,s pups. Lexy is now 4 and is just as adorable as ever. Many thanks to Nicola for all of her advice over the last 4 years.
Written by Jemma on 28. Jan, 2009
We got the most gorgeous little girl from Nicola, and she couldnt be more perfect.
Dolly certainly wants to be part of everything that is going on, and makes sure she is involved in the action.
We couldnt have wished for a better Dog, and thank Nicola for all the love and time she put in raising the pups, after the tragic death of Lottie.

Written by Rigmor Fiveltun on 11. Jan, 2009
Been surfing at you website, looking at your beautiful Spinoni. Keep on your good work with the breed. Best wishes for 2009, Rigmor.
Written by dawn hewitt on 15. Nov, 2008
we have had our puppy for a number of months now. we have called him clive. he is adorable. the only time he is slobbery is when he drinks water, he then drools an ectoplasm type substance on my wooden floor, but a quick wipe and it's gone. his beard however is a little difficult to get at, as when he sees me coming with the kitchen roll, he immediately shoves his chin into the floor, so i cant get underneath the chinny undergrowth, it takes some strength and persuasion and a gentle voice to get under that wet bit in order to mop up the drooly bit. but he is gorgeous and totally spoilt by us all. he gets the best place on the sofa, closely followed by 'brian' our beagle. i get the third best place, which is fine, as he can make quite a comfy cushion. we love him. thank you to bannonbrig for a perfect addition to our family. from dawn, kev, jess and luke hewitt.
Written by Susie on 21. Oct, 2008
So glad to have found your page!
Written by Debbie & Pete on 11. Oct, 2008
Here's Lara, Maya and JJ's little girl at her best.
Written by Hel on 1. Oct, 2008
Loving your website Nicola, great job! So proud to have pics of Maya on there!
Written by Debbie on 1. Oct, 2008
We too are enjoying the new website, hope to get some photo's of Lara to you soon!
Written by selina on 26. Sep, 2008
Loving the start of the website Nic, good job as always

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10.10 | 01:18

Please let me know if you will be having any litters soon. We bought a “Daisy” from you (At 8 months old ) and she lived to a good old age .

06.10 | 19:23

Hi we are looking for an Otalian Spinone pupoy. Do you know of any?

05.10 | 23:26

I would love an italian spinone. Any age preferably not puppy any colour,we live in norfolk,semi retired and someone is always home. Please contact if one beco

04.10 | 21:34

We are looking for a puppy and would like to be added to a waiting list.