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Thanks for visiting my page. Please sign our guestbook and leave a message. Don't forget to add a photo if you have one particularly if you share your life with a member of the Bannonbrig Family! The Spinone gracing the top of this page is a beautiful portrait of Bannonbrig Lancia otherwise known as Jaffy, born in 1998 and drawn in pastel by his talented mum Jane Gill

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Written by Greta Henriksen with mum IB on 20. Aug, 2010
Hi you all..

Just want to say that I like you webbsite..I'm a very young spinonegirl from Sweden 1,5 very much to have a look around for the moment my mum is pulling my coat/fur..she calls it grooming..Ok I have to endure..Going on a boat, BIG, to the isle of Gotland next week for a show..have had like 1,5 month peace and calm..called vacation says mum..
There's going to be 3500 friends at the 2 days Gotland show but no spinones except me..sad..
Ok just wanted to say hello to all of you..
My 4 english springer sisters also send their greetings as well as mum and dad

Bye from Swedish Greta
Written by John Day on 19. Aug, 2010
what a great site, very informative and very well put together
Written by IB and Greta Henriksen on 27. Jun, 2010
Hi all my friends at Bannonbrig!

At present we are in our summerhouse..for 1 month..Only 4 meters from the sea..haven't swimmed yet..too cold..brrr. Have a nice summer..I will
Written by Charles Forry on 6. May, 2010
Very nice to have you at the SCOA National
Written by Denis Beardsworth on 15. Jan, 2010
Hi Nicola. Very nicely put together website. Well done!
Written by Chris Forshaw on 19. Dec, 2009
Hi Nic & Family
Just to wish you merry xmas and all the best for 2010, love the website and the dogs they are lovely!!!.

Chris xx
Written by Rigmor Fiveltun on 14. Oct, 2009
Hello! I hope to see you at the world winner show in Denmark 2010! We are coming there!
Kind regards
Written by Gina Hardy on 11. Sep, 2009
Great site. Full of information and beautiful photos.You must be very proud of your dogs, achievements and website.
Written by Liz on 10. Sep, 2009
I followed your link from Dachshund form, you have a beautiful website! I am yet to meet a Spinone in the fur, your pictures make me want to meet one soon!
Written by Tonta Stoner on 5. Sep, 2009
Your spinione's have beautiful head pieces. I was looking for information on your miniature wire dachshunds, who is the fellow laying down, lovely head and coat.
Written by Lara on 8. Jul, 2009
Hi mum (Maya) hi dad (JJ) just had a brill 1st birthday(4.7.09) with lots of new toys and a big piece of liver cake mmmmmmmm and now I'm going asking for more, byeee xxxxx
Written by Ann Bagnell on 12. May, 2009
I am enjoying your site. Some beautiful Spinoni!
Written by Dee O'Connor on 5. May, 2009
As my ten year old Spinone starts to slow down a little, I am starting to think more about introducing a pup in to the family. We also have a fantastic Hungarian Vizsla who needs lots of company. Your website will be one that I will definitely return to as - like my Vizsla - I pefer my dogs with undocked tails and I think it's great that you are showing this level of love and responsibility to your dogs. Carry on the wonderful work. You seem to have exactly the right approach to dog breeding in general, and to bringing up happy, laid-back Spinoni in particular.

Best wishes to you, Dee
Written by Jane Gill on 25. Mar, 2009
Hi, we are the owners of jaffas litter brother ( called Jaffy) He is now coming up to 11 years old, and is slowing down a bit, but has had NO health problems whatsoever. Amazing! He is adorable & cuddly as ever, and so laid back. Our big beautiful teddy bear! Thanks Carole x
Written by Debbie and Carl on 23. Feb, 2009
Hi Nic,
Oli is one of the best things to have joined our mad family,she fits right in! We cant believe she is nearly 4!!She is cute,dribbly and just adorable,thankyou!!

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10.10 | 01:18

Please let me know if you will be having any litters soon. We bought a “Daisy” from you (At 8 months old ) and she lived to a good old age .

06.10 | 19:23

Hi we are looking for an Otalian Spinone pupoy. Do you know of any?

05.10 | 23:26

I would love an italian spinone. Any age preferably not puppy any colour,we live in norfolk,semi retired and someone is always home. Please contact if one beco

04.10 | 21:34

We are looking for a puppy and would like to be added to a waiting list.